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Be Aware of your surroundings while driving

Don't let this happen....


Below are 10 easy steps you can take to help decrease officer fatalities on the road. Please remember these every time you're out on the road. Do your part to keep peace officers safe!

1) Focus on driving. Do not talk on your cell phone, eat, look for items in your back seat, or put on makeup while driving.

2) Be conscious and alert of officers on the road.

3) Give officers room on the highway..

4) Watch officers' hands as they direct traffic.

5) Always pull over to the right, well into the shoulder (unless  the officer directs you otherwise).

6) Only drive when sober.

7) Drive within the speed limit.

8) Keep the volume on your car radio at a reasonable level.

9) Don't wear headphones while you drive.

10) Report drunk drivers.





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